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What are these 475 hours?

As a student you receive from the government  a package of 475 hours each year (your ‘quota’) during which you pay less in social contributions than a standard employee.

Use the Student@work application to check how many hours you have left.

You are allowed to work for more than 475 hours, but the amount of social security contributions will be higher as of the 476th hour worked.

Please note: make sure not to exceed 190 hours per year for student work under the regime of association work in the socio-cultural or sports sector. In case you already put in more than 190 hours per year under that regime when starting to work as a student, these extra hours are deducted from your student quota of 475 hours. Read more on the page The association work regime

During the corona crisis extra measures have been taken regarding student work. Check all details on the page Coronavirus crisis: special measures for Student@work.