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Starting 2023, you will be allowed to work 600 hours instead of 475!

From 1 January 2023, as a student, you will be allowed to work up to 600 hours a year at reduced social contributions, instead of 475 hours. This will have consequences, for example in regards to being your parents’ dependant or regarding child benefits.

Are you still a dependant of your parents when doing more hours?

Being allowed to work more also means you will earn more. But will you still be a dependant of your parents? Being a dependant means that you are financially dependent of your parents, so they will pay less tax.

There are maximum amounts you cannot exceed to remain dependent on your parents.

Will my parents still receive child benefits when I work more hours?

At present, you cannot work more than 600 hours a year in Flanders to retain your right to child benefits. In Brussels, the limit is 240 hours per quarter. This does not apply during July, August and September, provided you resume classes after the summer holidays. In Wallonia and the German-speaking Community you may work without restriction with a student contract while studying.