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I am working in the hotel and catering industry (horeca). Can I combine my 600 hours with my 50 horeca days?

If you work occasionally in the horeca sector, you can make use of the benefits for 50 days per year. During these 50 days, the social contributions are not calculated based on your normal salary but on the basis of a lower, fixed sum. The online application Horeca@work (in French)(new window) shows how many days are remaining.

Working occasionally means that you enter into an agreement with your employer to work for a maximum of two consecutive days.

Student in the horeca sector

If you are a student working in the hospitality industry, you can (in consultation with your employer) choose which benefit system you will use: the 50 days for occasional work or the 600 student hours. You can also combine the two systems.

A comparison of the two systems

  Student job Occasional Work
What is the benefit? Reduced contributions on your normal salary Normal contributions on a lower, fixed sum
How long does the benefit last? 600 hours 50 days
How can you keep track of your days or hours? With the hour counter at Student@work With the day counter at Horeca@work
Do you need a student contract? Yes Yes