Working student? 4 things to remember -

1. Social security contributions

MAXIMUM 475 hours per year

for which you and your employer pay less in social security contributions. You can choose your hours freely, throughout the whole year.

You can combine the 475 quota with the 190 hours of association work, as long as you respect the legal limitations.

Verify the number of hours remaining on or on our app!

What if I exceed these limits?

From the 476th hour on, you will be subject to higher social contributions.

2. Child benefit

If you are younger than 18, you are always entitled to child benefits, no matter how much you work. Once having reached that age, the number of hours you may work depends upon your place of residence.

In Flanders and Wallonia, you may not work more than 475 hours yearly.

In the Brussels-Capital region, you may not work more than 240 hours a quarter.

In the Eastern Cantons, you may work an unlimited amount of hours on a student contract.

These hours are only applicable if you are working by virtue of a student contract. If you are working under a ‘normal’ contract, other limits may apply and you will have to ask your regional child benefit fund at the web addresses indicated below.


3. Your own taxes

MAXIMUM 13.242,86 €* per year

*(Gross amount after deduction of social security contributions, valid for the tax year 2022)

What if I exceed these limits?

You will be paying taxes yourself.

4. Your parents taxes

If your net annual means of support exceeds the following amounts, you are no longer fiscally dependent on your parents:

*(Gross amounts after deduction of social security contributions, valid for the tax year 2022. These amounts are applicable only if you have no means of support apart from your salary as a working student and you did not declare any professional expenses)

What if I exceed these limits?

If your parents can no longer claim you as a dependent, they will be paying more taxes.

Corona crisis

During the corona crisis, the government has adopted a string of measures which may have an effect on the rules on student work, as these are detailed in this infographic.

What is Student@work? is a website that contains all possible information about working as a student. The site also hosts the Student@work online service.

This application shows you how many hours you may still work while paying lower social security contributions. You can use it to make an attestation for your employer as well.


To check your remaining hours or make an attestation, you have to log in. You can do so with itsme or your eID card.


Do you have a smartphone? Download the app for iOS of Android. With it, you can check your remaining hours whenever and wherever you want.


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