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Meet our ambassadors!

A new wind is blowing through Student@work. Four ambassadors will be offering you a unique glimpse into their lives as working students. Their motto: ‘We are working for students who are working’. They set out in search of interesting student jobs, chat about stuff that keeps them occupied and share tips & tricks.

Get to know them through their videos

Their names are Noa, Ilias, Tran and Nico – the ambassadors of Student@work. Every one of them is committed, determined and motivated, veeeery motivated. In their videos they invite you to join them on their quests and they reply to your questions.

So, who are they? What do they do? What concerns them? You’ll have to watch them to find out. Enjoy!

Don't miss out on our ambassadors

Would you like to know what our ambassadors get up to? Just follow our social media, and their latest posts pop up on your feed.