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Will my parents keep their child benefit?

If you are younger than 18, you are always entitled to child benefits, no matter how much you work. Once having reached that age, the number of hours you may work depends upon your place of residence.

  • In Flanders and Wallonia, you may not work more than 600 hours yearly.
  • In Brussels, you may not work more than 240 hours a quarter.
  • In the German speaking community, you may work an unlimited amount of hours on a student contract.

Please note: if you work more than the allowed number of hours, you might lose the right to child benefits!

These restrictions regarding the hours you can work only apply if you have a student contract.

Are you working with a ‘normal’ contract, other limits may apply. In that case please check the specifics at your regional child benefit fund which can be found via the web addresses indicated below: