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How much social security do I have to pay?

If you work with a student contract and remain within 600 hours per year, then the only social security you owe is a solidarity contribution. This is slightly lower than the normal social security contribution.

The solidarity contribution is 2.71% of your gross pay. Your employer also has to pay a solidarity contribution, equivalent to 5.42% of your gross pay.

For a typical job, you will usually owe a social security payment of 13.07%. This is a generalised figure as there are a number of factors that may mean you pay less. A few examples:

  • Your age: you pay lower contributions until 31 December of the year in which you turn 18.
  • Your wage: you have the right to a work bonus if your pay is low. This is a reduction in social contributions that allows your net wage to remain higher without your gross wage increasing. You also get more in return. For example, you are entitled to holiday pay if you regularly pay your social security contributions.