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Will I get another 600 hours next year?

Yes. As long as your main status remains that of a student, you are allowed to work 600 hours per calendar year within the system of reduced social contributions. Your 600 hours of the new year will therefore apply to any work you do as of 1 January.

Have you already planned a job? You can then check in Student@work whether the planned hours have been accounted for in the new year. Go to the new year in the calendar view (with an eID or token only) or make a declaration for the new year.

Have you worked more than 600 hours in the past year? You will still receive 600 hours in the new year – obviously only as long as your main status is still that of a student.

Please note: if you have worked continuously with the same employer for an entire calendar year, you will no longer be able to enter into a student agreement with this employer the following year. However, you will be able to start working again for this employer with a standard labour agreement. In that case you and your employer will also pay standard social contributions. You will still be able to enter into a student agreement with another employer.

Do you still have days left from the past year? You will start the new year as normal with 600 hours. This is because you will not be able to transfer hours to the new year.